Washing Machine & Dryer Repairs in Toowoomba


Installation & Maintenance

Get reliable, long-lasting performance from your washer and dryer with installation, maintenance, and repairs from Care Technical Services. We work on all makes and models for both top and front loaders, and service a vast area that includes our base region of Toowoomba.
Our washing machine and dryer technicians are reliable and knowledgeable, able to carry out repairs on the latest washing machines and can also get your old machine working again. We install, fix and service all washing machines and dryers, regardless of their age and can also help you maintain your washing machine correctly to ensure you get the maximum longevity from it.
We use only quality parts and will never replace a component or sell you anything that isn’t necessary.
Laundry In Washing Machine — Electrician in Toowoomba, QLD
Working Man Plumber Repairs A Washing Machine — Electrician in Toowoomba, QLD

Green Electricians

We have qualified Master Electricians who are also certified Green Electricians, we not only get your machine back to life, we also provide a warranty for the work. At Care Technical Services we undergo rigorous training and regular audits to monitor the quality of our work and we’re also able to identify and advise on ways of improving your energy efficiency.
We stay current with all the latest industry news and technologies, so when we work on your washer or dryer, you’re getting the benefit of knowing we are using the most up to date methods and parts.
To get the most reliable performance from your washer and dryer, most manufacturers recommend regular servicing. If you’re upgrading your appliances or renovating an entire laundry we can install the new products, ensuring your washer and dryer are connected properly and set up to handle daily use. We’re so confident in the quality of our services that we offer a guarantee on all our workmanship.