Fridge Repairs in Toowoomba


Refrigerators & Freezers

Professional and experienced, the team at Care Technical Services can carry out fast and effective fridge repairs on an extensive range of refrigerators and freezers, from residential appliances to industrial grade systems.
Whether it’s your fridge at home that is not working properly or a commercial freezer room that is malfunctioning, we’ll carry out any necessary repairs to have it working efficiently again. We know refrigeration and can work with all models, regardless of age.
Refrigeration technology has come a long way, making these appliances more energy efficient than ever, we take great care to stay current with all new developments.
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Regular maintenance for your fridge and freezer is the best way to avoid costly repairs in the future. Daily use does take a toll and can impact performance. Any repairs we carry out are done using the latest techniques and parts. We can repair:
  • Fridges
  • Chest freezers
  • Coolers
  • Under bench freezers
  • Upright chillers & wine chillers
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Commercial & Industrial

Regardless of the size of the refrigeration or freezer system you have, we can carry out repairs. We have many different suppliers in our extensive network, so we are always able to access parts, even those that are notoriously difficult to find. We stay up to date with the latest methods of repair, our extensive and broad range of experience means we know how to tackle just about anything refrigeration related. We can assist with:
  • Cool rooms
  • Freezer rooms
  • Display cabinets
  • Counter top chillers
  • Display freezers & fridges
  • Glass top freezers
  • Ice cream freezers
  • Mobile cool rooms
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After Repairs

We always ensure your appliances are working at their best, even after repairs have been carried out. However, if you find you are having issues with your fridge or freezer after the repairs, please get in touch. Some of those issues include:
  • Doors not closing properly
  • Refrigerator unable to sustain temperature
  • Excessive water leaks
  • Ice buildup in freezer
  • Refrigerator is running longer than normal
  • Abnormal sounds
We take pride in providing quality workmanship and excellent customer service, we’re available to answer any questions and all our work is guaranteed.